Who are
SBC Digital?

We are a team of seasoned commercial programmers, database engineers and graphic designers with over three decades of experience.

Our journey began when COBOL was all the rage and designers used drawing boards!

Having a great collection of skills and expertise means we have worked on enterprise and government-level projects plus startups, SME’s and smaller businesses.

Being well versed in the latest technologies and methodologies ensures that your projects are finished to the highest standards.

Having been commercially programming, database engineering, designing, filming and animating for over 30 years, our wealth of skills and experience have helped in building and delivering enterprise and government level projects using the latest web technologies and methodologies.

This has been proven by working for high level clients and employers such as the NHS, DfID,  DfT, Fable Whisky, Fraunhofer, Equi’s Ice Cream and The Glasgow Care Foundation. In the private sector we have worked for the Compaq computer company, BT and Loxley Colour to name a few.

These days the main skills used are ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, SQL, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and any other web based technology required to get the job done.

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